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Why Toyota Corolla is best for Nigerian Roads

Posted: 28th Sep, 2020    By: Adulf Juan


When you think about Nigerian roads, the first things to consider are rugged roads with lots of potholes. It is no story that the country has some of the toughest terrains to drive on; from harsh weather to poorly maintained roads. And this is why not every auto model can withstand the pressure; it is evident that some of these cars are not designed for Nigerian roads.  

However, Toyota Corolla has most recently been welcomed by the Nigerians, thereby sparking puzzling thoughts among car users like why is Toyota Corolla best for Nigerian Road? What makes this car model unique?

The rugged design of a car is not the only factor to consider while choosing a preferred vehicle for the Nigerian road, other features such as the engine type, price, fuel conservation rate and durability also play a very vital role.

This is because car maintenance is essential when it comes to buying a car in Nigeria; you don’t want to spend millions of Naira on a luxury car and even spend more on keeping it in shape. However, below are some of the critical reasons why Toyota Corolla is best for Nigerian Roads:

Fuel Conservation

Toyota Corolla is the perfect car model when you want to reduce how you spend on fuel. Most of them, come with a 1.8-litre four-cylinder engine, and mileage of up to 30 mpg on bad roads or around heavy traffic routes and 40 mpg on the highway; which for a no-frills car like this is impressive.

Spacious Interior

It has a very spacious interior to give a comfortable drive experience for both driver and passengers. The interior configuration gives a lot of leg space and headroom, so you need not worry about comfort when you travel with your family. All models come with Whiplash-proof seats and eight airbags to make sure you stay safe while driving conveniently; with options of side-impact and curtain airbags on some models.

Fascinating Safety Features

The Toyota Corolla is a simple car, and the wide range of safety features and unique configurations are evenly distributed across all models. With the Dynamic Cruise Control, you can maintain a preset speed while on the highway; so you are sure to keep your distance from other cars. In most tests conducted by IIHS, it has always shown great prospects.

In busy cities like Lagos Abuja and Port Harcourt, the Pedestrian detection sensors and lane departure alerts could be convenient to prevent accidents. They come with Anti-lock brakes and ABS, which gives quick and accurate response during emergencies.

Excellent Control Layout

Because you need to drive carefully on bad roads, a good console layout is essential to avoid an accident and reduce the pressure on your car. However, it comes with smart and well-configured gauges that can be easily used, while still controlling the steering wheels.

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The car is extremely cost-effective and very dependable. It may not be for everybody, but you owe it to yourself to check out the Corolla if you want basic and affordable transport. Also, one of the reasons for its continued popularity in Nigerian road is the price point. So if you wish to have a comfortable car to maneuver and cruise around the tough and rugged Nigerian roads, then the Toyota Corolla is sure one of the best choices.