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Posted: 2nd Oct, 2020    By: Pamilerin Ayoola


Considering the brand of car to buy is so difficult that many people end up buying what they don't need. That is why it is necessary to make appropriate research about the best brand before purchasing a car. The features of great cars include safety, quality, durability, comfort, luxury, style, performance, and technology. Some cars have similar features but the best car that has all of these packages is the Mercedes Benz.
Mercedes Benz has been in existence since the '80s and it is known for fast-improving technology and style. It is a German automobile company that values comfort and quality. Mercedes is well recognized and it is cherished by most celebrities and sophisticated persons all around the globe. Mercedes Benz has been in high demand due to its unique features and style. The brand has a star-shaped logo that is known by both young and old. Here are the great deals you stand to enjoy when you choose a Mercedes Benz.

1.    Safety assurance

Safety is the first and most important thing to consider when choosing a brand of car. That is why Mercedes Benz takes time to produce a perfect product for you. Your safety is their priority. The safety belt for the driver and the passenger, well-packed safety airbag, perfect wheels and tires, sharp brake pads, driver's guide, accurate fuel gauge, quality side mirrors, and mechanical fittings. These are the quality features of a unique brand from Mercedes Benz.

2.    Brilliant technology

The fast-growing technology cannot be overemphasized. There is an assurance of quality engines, batteries, and automatic remote controls. The smooth body lasts longer without fading off. The engines are well sealed; some of the vehicles are automatic which makes it easier to drive. When it comes to technology, Mercedes Benz has it all, you will enjoy every moment in your car with great pleasure.

3.    Ultimate luxury

When it comes to luxury, you should consider cruising around with a Mercedes Benz. The prestige derived when seen in a Benz is something you wouldn't want to miss. Another amazing part of this feature is that it can be specially customized for you according to your taste and order.

4.    Variety of models

Mercedes Benz is a company that specializes in the production variable cars for both luxuries and commercial purposes. These range from SUVs, Coupes, Sedans, and Convertibles. they also have different cars which may include; S LS AMG, SLK-Class, M-Class, R-Class, GLE-Class, GLK-Class, GL-Class, SLR-McLaren, CLK, CL, AMG GLC, B-Class and so much more. You can buy these cars from  Carzout (one of the best and reliable car dealers in Nigeria).

5.    Highest performance

Another feature that makes Mercedes Benz stand out is because of its unbeatable performance on the road, the performance can be controlled; there are no worries with Mercedes Benz. The standard is superb; the speed reader will give you directives on how to control the performance of your car.

6.    Easy to service

Mercedes Benz is very easy to service; it can be serviced in any automobile company because the spare parts are made available for replacement when used vehicle parts are worn out. Mercedes Benz has maintained their high esteem and values over the years and they are working professionally to make you comfortable and happy as you buy their products.


Here are 10 things you should know if you're a Mercedes Benz owner who doesn't like headaches and doesn't want to waste a lot of money on vehicles.

1.    Know your car's recommended engine oil and filter

About every car comes with engine oil and filters that are recommended. Often make sure your Mercedes Benz does not use fake oil and filters. It would ruin your Benz by using the wrong oil and filter. You wouldn't like it, I think.

2.    Adjust the engine oil according to when it is due

According to Mercedes Benz makers, when clocking a certain mileage, the engine oil should be adjusted. Owing to traffic and our rough driving conditions in Nigeria, it's best to change the engine oil before you reach the prescribed mileage span.
Before you service your Benz, do not wait for sludge to shape in your car. Just as it is in any vehicle, it needs daily maintenance.

3.    One of the most important components of your Mercedes Benz is battery 

When it comes to battery voltage, Mercedes Benz cars appear to be sensitive. This may be attributed to the fact that advanced machinery and electronics are installed with the vehicle. Some systems and control units in your Mercedes may fail because of a bad battery.

4.    Don't overlook the check engine light

Even if your Benz is running well, don't forget the engine light search. To figure out what the problem could be, it is advisable to carry out a proper diagnosis. Negligence will prove devastating.

5.    Know how the different fluids required in the car can be tested and replaced

Some Mercedes Benz users don't know how to substitute the different fluids required in their vehicle, as weird as it can sound. Power steering fluid, brake fluid, engine coolant, and windshield wiper fluid are some of the fluids you can search.

6.    Know that it's costly for your Mercedes Benz Key

Your Mercedes Benz keys are somewhat different from the typical keys found in most vehicles. As the owner of a Mercedes Benz, it's nice you know the keys are very costly to repair. Yours should be treated with caution.
Putting the key in a safe case is preferable.

7.    Any mechanics aren't mates of yours

Leaving your car at a bad mechanic's mercy will turn your car into a cash trap. Always promise that your vehicle is in safe hands.
Ask for feedback from your peers and family or you may read web reviews. Your car is a pricey purchase, and you don't want to choose a mechanic at random, and you want to make sure it's in the right hands.

8.    Know how to start hopping for your Mercedes-Benz

Too many drivers, after they jump-start their Mercedes-Benz, experience electrical issues. Following the methods suggested by the manufacturer, you should know how to jump-start your Mercedes-Benz. Keep those jumper cables or jump box attached for at least 10 minutes or more if you ever have to jump-start your Mercedes-Benz in the future. That's much cooler if you can stop jumping and beginning a Mercedes-Benz. Using a trickle charger to slowly charge the battery and carry it to full service would be the best alternative. Attach a 12 Volt Power Trickle Adapter to your power if you have the time and let it sleep for a few hours.

9.    Know how to use Windows Synchronization and Sunroof

You will find that the sunroof and the windows will no longer work with a single touch until you have removed the batteries or the car battery dies. Only a few inches at a time, the window or the sunroof switch. You need to re-sync the windows and the sunroof to fix this problem. By pushing the window up, you are doing this. Do not release the switch until the window gets to the up position, but continue pressing the window switch button for another 5 seconds before a click is heard. On the sunroof, the same practice should be practiced.

10.    Know how to self-replace the windshield wipers

Not only do you know how to fix windshield wipers (which can be tricky on a Mercedes-Benz), but the distributor is not the only place to purchase Mercedes-Benz windshield wipers. You can go to the nearest auto parts store and be told that the Mercedes-Benz does not hold windshield wipers. It's just an object from a supplier.
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