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Top Nigerian Car Nicknames You Should Know

Posted: 18th Oct, 2020    By: Fikayo Oyewole


One common trend among Nigerians is their ability to coin nicknames for brands and products, especially car brands. Overtime, Nigerians have developed several nicknames for different car brands. Some of these nicknames Nigerians coined for car brands are; 

1. ‘Jeep’

While Jeep is known in United States as a car brand with military history, however, in Nigeria most cars that is Sports Utility Vehicle (SUV) is often classified as Jeep. 

This however, has been adopted as the official nickname for most SUV cars. 

2. V-boot

This is the particular nickname for the 1982 Mercedes Benz 200E. The Mercedes brand was at the point one of the biggest cars in town. The car brand was owned by almost every middle class Nigerian as of the 80's. 

The V-shaped boot of the car could be a major reason why Nigerians apparently named the car V-boot.

3. Evil Spirit

This is one of the most hilarious nicknames for cars in Nigeria. While it is almost to know the main reason why the Honda Accord 2012 is popularly known as evil spirit, many do consider the car's headlamp to have an evil and frightening look. This could be why the Honda Accord 2012 is known as evil spirit. 


4. Pencil

Why should a car be nicknamed Pencil? The Camry 1999 model got the nickname Pencil mainly because of the long and slim shape of the car. 

5. Big Daddy

Most Nigerian call the Camry 2004 model Big Daddy. This could be because of the enormous space of the car. While some are of the opinion that the car space could have come with some sophisticated accessories or gadgets, some Nigerians express their disappointment by calling this particular Carmy model, 'big for nothing'.

6. Muscle/Voltron

The 2007 Camry model was nicknamed Muscle/Voltron maybe because of the fact that the car is thick and is perceived to be powerfully built. Nigerians use the slogan Muscle to describe how the car looks, while they coined Voltron as well to describe the physical attributes of the car. 

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