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Top 5 bad driving habits in Nigeria

Posted: 29th Sep, 2020    By: Fikayo Oyewole


There is so much sense of freedom people feel whenever they drive, while it is easy to get distracted by the fun and freedom that comes with driving most drives often ignore road safety rules, and as a result start developing bad driving habits.

This post will review common bad driving habits among Nigerian drivers. So, let's get started. 

#1 Not using the seat belts

First on the list of the top 5 bad driving habits in Nigeria is not using the seat belts. This however, is not surprising as many drivers think using seat belt is unnecessary. Another common misuse of seat belt in Nigeria is the wrong assumption that only the driver should use the seat belt. 

Although seat belts might be a bit uncomfortable as it might ruin your outfit, but it will saves lives as well.

#2 Receiving calls or chatting while driving 

An overwhelming number of Nigeria drivers are guilty of receiving calls and chatting while driving. While this is a bad driving habit, it also puts the lives of the driver and other road users at risk of major accidents.

Many believe it is important to keep in touch with To-dos and schedules even while driving, instead drivers and other road users can use hands free devices to catch up with calls and voicemails without getting distracted while driving. 

#3 Ignoring Traffic Light:

This is another common bad driving habit among Nigerian drivers. While Green means "Go" most Nigerian drivers interpret Red/Yellow/Green as one signal "Go!". 

Not observing traffic lights can cause serious damages to cars and lives in general. 

#4 Over-speeeding 

Considering the condition of the roads in Nigeria, maintaining a speed limit goes a long way in reducing accidents in most places in Nigeria. Many Nigerian drivers might be guilty of this, while speeding itself is not a bad habit, over speeding is one of the leading cause of car accidents in Nigeria. As drivers can easily lose control of the car while driving. 

#5 Not using turn signals

Last but not the least on the top 5 bad driving habits in Nigeria is not using turn signals or indicators. Turning signals are very important as they indicate drivers direction and avoid vehicle collision. Most new drivers (Learners) are often guilty of this, as they often slow down to turn without indicating or using their blinkers while turning. 

Not using turn signals is a bad driving habit because it can catch other road users off guard and cause collision.


Bad driving habits are becoming a norm in Nigeria as an overwhelming percentage of Nigerian road users are guilty of at least two out of the five bad driving habits reviewed in this blog post. 

Other bad driving habits in Nigeria include, tailgating, parking in authorized areas, overloading among several others. 

It is important to be responsible and observe road safety rules as it protects both you as the driver and other road users. 

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