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Tips to Prevent Exposure to COVID 19 When Riding in a Taxi

Posted: 29th Sep, 2020    By: Samson Ade


Covid-19 has caused varying degrees of damage in every place where it has touched down - which is, virtually every part of the globe. Some countries are enjoying the relief of a flattening curve and relaxed anti-COVID restrictions, while some others are climbing up the hill of rising cases. 

The Crucial Role of the Transportation Industry

In light of this reality, many governments are constantly adjusting regulations to align with the existing conditions. In countries where restriction of movement has been relaxed, governments have had to give very serious attention to the transportation sector. There really is no way to stop people from interacting (the primary cause of spread for Covid19) with each other in moving vehicles.  Hindering the operation of public vehicles could result in a cobra effect (a worsened scenario), and leaving them unregulated spells certain doom. This means that transporters, especially taxi drivers and their passengers, have a very crucial role to play in containing the spread of the virus. 

Anti-COVID Preventive Measures for Taxi Riders

As a taxi driver, the best way to ensure your safety is to secure the safety of your passengers. Therefore, no measures or sacrifices should be seen as too much to make in protecting human life. Whether you live in a location with a small number of cases or otherwise, here are ways to prevent exposure to COVID-19 in a taxi. 

The Use of Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizers and Disinfectants 

It is quite necessary to provide alcohol-based hand sanitizers for your passengers. Insist that they use it before or as soon as they step into your vehicle. Passengers should take care to either take their own sanitizers along or insist on boarding vehicles in which they have been provided. Drivers should also engage in routine disinfection of their vehicles especially at the end of each day of work. 

Enforcing The Use of Nose Masks and Face Shields 

As a driver, you can make nose masks or face shields available for the use of your passengers if they have none. Passengers should insist that taxi drivers put on one. Drivers and passengers should also consider wearing hand gloves or if not, you should try as much as possible to minimize hand contact with the parts of the vehicle or even cash.

Installation of Protective Barriers Between You and Your Passengers. 

Protective barriers should be installed to minimize contact between drivers and passengers. Passengers can also insist on only boarding vehicles that have such barriers. 

Reduction of Vehicle Occupancy and Elimination of Side-by-side Sitting

Another way of reducing exposure to COVID-19 is by reducing the number of passengers allowed to be in a taxi at a time, thereby minimizing person-to-person contact. Drivers should enforce this precaution and passengers should insist on its enforcement before boarding a cab. 

If we abide by these regulations, we will not only curb the spread of the pandemic, we will also be keeping ourselves safe for our families. Take action and stay safe!