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Tips For Testing A Car Before Purchase

Posted: 10th Oct, 2020    By: Fikayo Oyewole


Buying a car especially if it is your first car can be quite challenging at times, because it can be difficult to select a car out of countless brands and models. However, when it comes to buying a car whether new or used there are several factors you should consider, so as to have a nice experience with the car without having to spend so much on maintenance. 

Here are few things to first consider before buying a car in Nigeria;

• Research your prospective car 

• Have a budget 

• Figure out where you want to buy your car. Make sure it is a credible source. 

• Check out availability of spare parts. 

• Check for the car fuel consumption or efficiency. 

What To Look Out For When Buying Used Or New Cars In Nigeria 

1) Check the engine of the car 

Here is a very important tip for testing a car before you buy it, always check the engine of the car and ensure it is performing properly. If it is a used car always remember to pay close attention to the condition of the engine, as a dirty engine and hood surrounding signals that the engine lacks some basic maintenance. 

2)  Check out the texture and colour of the oil 

Checking out the texture and colour of the oil is another good tip for checking the quality of a car you want to buy. As most times, a thick and very dark coloured oil means that the engine is not reguraly serviced and there might be sludge inside the engine. 

3) Check The Tyres 

Always remember to check the quality of the Tyres before purchase. While observing the tyres, check the tread depth and side-wall damage. Always check out the quality of the tyres before you by the car. 

4) Check for Registration Documents

As a potential car buyer you have the right to request the car seller to present the car registration documents. Also, ensure that the documents are issued by credible and authorized organizations. 

5) Test Drive and Further Inspect The Car

Finally, always remember to test drive this will let you know the quality of the car, the handling, comfortability and several other features of the car. 

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