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Posted: 2nd Oct, 2020    By: Pamilerin Ayoola


It is paramount to ensure that the vehicle is still in the best running state. While it will cost you some cash for this routine repair, it will make your car not suffer a terrible breakdown that will hollow your pockets.
For questionable mechanics, it is a very simple job to extort a car owner who does not have a particularly good understanding or knowledge with vehicles. Any of these mechanics are not after your car's well-being; they have a motive for making money from you. That's why, now and then, some of them will make you come here.
We came up with some basic tips at Carzout Nigeria that will help you to get all the right services you are paying for.

To be in safe hands, take these few moves.

1.    Get a simple understanding of cars

This is for you if you're one of those that can tell a radiator and an air-conditioner condenser apart. You need to have a clear knowledge of most of the components of the vehicle so that the technicians do not end up asking you that the wiper blade in the alternator has to be serviced. Start learning from today, to secure your wealth. You can learn a lot of stuff here on Carzout Nigeria. Go via our forum and, later on, thank us.

2.    Use a diagnostic tool

Scanning a car is not all that cheap in Nigeria. To search your auto, some workshops can charge as much as N5000 or even N10,000. It can give you the edge of understanding the true problem with your car by scanning your automobile. It will spare you a lot of mechanical syntax and descriptions.

Having your own OBD scanner isn't a bad idea if you've got the money. In the long term, you'll love it.

3.    Identify the reason why you want to take your car to the mechanic

This is what you can figure out because you do not have a screening instrument. Through the awareness and the signals placed forth by the fault, you should be able to figure out what the issue might be.
Is he misfiring the car? It may be connected with a socket. Is the coolant combined with oil in the radiator? It means that it has damaged the top/head gasket.
If it is very obvious to you that you want to take your car to the dealer, you are on the right track.

4.    Ask and depend on referrals for questions

The saying is that the devil that you know is stronger than the angel that you don't identify. Tell your friends, family, and neighbours about a good mechanic they know very well. These classes of people are in an outstanding place to discuss with you their interactions with mechanics. If they believe they have been fooled by some of the mechanics, they'll tell you, so you know how to cope with them. The easiest way of locating reliable mechanic maybe recommendations from friends, families, or colleagues.

5.    Review the car parts rates that you are expected to buy

A poor mechanic won't waste an opportunity to dry you up with milk. One of the ways they can keep you solid is to buy new parts. You can't fall for a suspicious mechanical price tag of N5000 when you know that the price of an air filter is N3000.

6.    Ask the Mechanics for Old Components

Without changing it, certain mechanics bill for replacement of pieces.
One of the ways you can make sure they don't receive money for new parts and don't install them in your vehicle is to ask for the old ones. When you are present where they are repairing your car, this works well.
Tell them you need some old pieces beforehand.
The odds of mechanic cheating you off are negligible when you hold to those tips. While they're always willing to play clever, it will be milder.
We think it will help.
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