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Posted: 5th Nov, 2020    By: Fikayo Oyewole


Popularly referred to as The Pride of African Roads, Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company owned by a Nigerian is gaining an skyrocketing global presence as patronage increases from Africa and beyond. According to data, about 70% of each Innoson Vehicle is produced in Nigeria while other parts are imported from Germany, China and Japan amongst others. As at 2020, the price of Innoson 15 Seater Bus (IVM 5000a) is 5.28 million Naira, Innoson 85 Passenger City Bus (IVM 6105g) is 24.2 million Naira, Innoson SUV Jeep (IVM G5) Manual Transmission is 6.38 million Naira, Innoson G5 Jeep (IVM G5) Auto Transmission is 6.82 million Naira, Innoson Double Cabin Pick-Up (IVM Carrier 2WD) is 6.05 million Naira, Innoson Umu Saloon (Ivm Umu) Manual Transmission is 3.63 million Naira Innoson IVM G6 SUV Jeep is 7 million Naira, Innoson Ambulance Bus (IVM 5000c) is 6.93 million Naira while Innoson 7 Seater Mini-Bus (IVM Uzo 4) is 1.54 million Naira. All of these prices are without the current but dynamic 5% Nigerian tax rate.

One of the foremost automobiles brand in Africa, Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing started with the purpose of manufacturing affordable cars, SUVs, busses, ambulances, pickup vans amongst others as far back as 13 years ago in Anambra, Nigeria. Innoson vehicles are known for the special niche of being designed for local roads such as the Innoson G5 worth 6.7 million naira. This particular SUV stands out in standard and style. It’s got warm, cozy yet strong interiors, and sound yet silent engine. The Innoson G40 is a special edition with extra space, conditioned for adventure as its strong tyres and body features easily identifies it as a rugged but classy vehicle fit for all road types, and it’s worth 17.5 million naira. This car is built with the capacity to move at 150km/hr, and its fuel tank capacity is 80 litres.

Innoson cars are in different models such as saloons, SUVs, pickups, vans, buses, trucks. In the category of saloons, the Innoson FOX with manual transmission is worth 3.96 million naira. But this is worth its price as this model offers Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD) and Automatic Braking System (ABS), a 4-cylinder 1.5 litre engine that powers it, a top speed of 170km/hr and a fuel-saving 45 litre tank amongst other amazing features. The Innoson G6 automatic transmission 5-seater SUV jeep worth 7.36 million plus 5% VAT. Also known as the African spotlight, this is a modern SUV with a 2.4 litre engine with burnished exterior and good speed.

The spacious 7-seater Mpv Innoson (Uzo 2) is a model of Innoson vans and one of the most trending Innoson cars in 2020. Worth 1.85 million naira plus 5% VAT and like all Inooson cars, it hardly overheats and has been credited as well as all vehicles produced by IVM to have engines with 10-15% fuel economy capacity, and provides a powerful, sleek and efficient ride. Suitable for multiple driving environment, it affords comfort, quality and durability. They are also currently the cheapest Innoson models.

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