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Posted: 27th Sep, 2020    By: Pamilerin Ayoola


The method of applying for a driving license in Nigeria would be quick and stress-free if you strictly follow these 8 steps:

1.      Attend a driving skills course at an accredited FRSC school

2.      Taking the VIO controlled driving exam (Vehicle Inspection Officers)

3.      Obtain the driving proficiency certificate

4.      Complete the request form and make the invoice. There are 2 methods to do this, as seen below.


v  Fill up the registration form for a driver's license at the DLC (Driver's Licence Centre). The officer will ask you to show your driving school diploma, learner's permit as well as your birth certificate before handing you the form to fill.

v  Pay the processing fee for the license at the participating banks or online. Please note to take a copy of the driver's license form with you while going to the bank to make payment as they will use your driver's license application ID.


v  Go to https:/

v  Click on the DL Application button and a drop-down list will appear. Select a New Driver's License

v  Insert your Certificate of Driving Test number in the box and press Validate.

v  Upon confirmation of your number, complete the appropriate online application form

v  Pay web processing fees and print out the Acknowledgment Slip

***Some banks involved are FCMB, WEMA, UBA, UNION, etc.

You must continue to the office yourself from the next point. You are not authorized to send any individuals to do things for you.

5.      To get the endorsement, send all sorts of forms to the BIR (Board of Internal Revenue) and VIO at the DLC, including:

v  Payment slip

v  Application form

v  Learner’s permit

v  Certificate from driving school

v  Certificate of VIO test

v  Certificate of an eye test

v  Birth certificate

6.      Get biometric data from the FRSC officer at the DLC by showing it to the DLC officer.

7.      Take a provisional license whilst the official one is waiting to be released. After 2 months, this provisional edition will expire.

8.      Come to the BIR Office to pick up your official driver's license within 60 days of your application.

How much does it cost to register for new driving licenses?

Below are the latest fees for applicants for new driving licenses in Nigeria.

v  Certificate of driving school: #8,000

v  Certificate of VIO test: #1,000

v  Certificate of eye test: #500

v  Driver’s license payment: #6,350 for 3 years or #10,450 for 5 years

For certain similar services, please notice that you will need to pay a little more, but this sum of money does not surpass N2,000. Be sure that you know just how much it costs and how the mechanism operates to discourage unnecessary payments!

Download form for a Nigerian driver's license

You can either fill in the Nigerian driver's license application form online at the FRSC website or directly at the DLC, as I said earlier. Simple information about your history and health index is required for these driving license application forms. Completing these papers is not difficult, but you may need to double-check any of the data mentioned below in order not to spend time on this paperwork. The form is similar in Nigeria; the verification form for a Lagos State driver's license is precisely the same as all other states throughout the world.

v  Title: (Mr/Mrs/Miss) Surname first

v  First name

v  Middle name

v  Sex: Male/ Female

v  Date of birth (DD/MM/YY)

v  Place of birth (City/ Town)

v  Marital status

v  Nationality

v  Address information (House/ Flat/ Plot number), Street

v  State of origin

v  Local Govt. of Origin

v  Phone number(s)

v  Occupation

v  Mother maiden name

v  Height

v  Blood group

v  Phone number of next of kin

v  Nationality of next of kin

v  Years of application: either 3 years or 5 years

Request for FRSC driver's license-FAQs

Check the popular FRSC driver's license application issues so that you know where to find the driving license application URL, how to save time, or what to plan in those instances!

How will I find a certified school to take a driving school certificate?

You can see the list of approved schools across Nigeria:

v  Go to https:/

v  Choose the state near you

v  Tap on the Search button

Or any Information Management Office in your region may be needed. It is even possible to get a directory of offices here! 

May I change it later, after I send my information?

It is not possible to alter such essential details as the date of birth after request, although certain other data such as marital status or name may be changed. Nevertheless, make sure you carry along with the proof of modifications anytime you need to amend the details (for example marriage certificates...)

How do I shorten the DLC development period when I'm really busy?

We are afraid that you will not be able to miss either step in applying for a new driver's license. However, as in the aforementioned instructions, you can refer to the online driving license to apply to reduce the time you spent at the centre. You also need to send important paperwork and have biometric data collected while visiting the location.

How to submit an appeal for a missing driving license?

There are many groups you can pick from on the Federal Road Safety Commission website, including searching for a new driving license.

v  Navigate to https:/

v  Hover on DL application

v  Pick Driver's License Re-issue

v  Enter the number of your driver's license and date of birth

v  Tap on Search to complete all the necessary information.


Applications for driving licenses are a must if you wish to drive on Nigerian public roads. No matter what motorized vehicle you are using, whether it's a motorcycle, automobile, bus, or truck, to get a driver's license, acting as a driver's education and personal identity recognition; you must comply with the traffic laws.

We hope that most of your questions relevant to this process have been answered in this comprehensive report. And don't forget to find out more helpful tips and suggestions on Carzout Nigeria