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How To Avoid Scams While Buying Cars Online In Nigeria

Posted: 9th Oct, 2020    By: Fikayo Oyewole


Buying Cars Online is one of the trends that emerged in the past few years and has become quite popular in Nigeria, as there are several online platforms to buy and sell cars in Nigeria. While buying cars online is an easy process, it is also very vulnerable to countless fraudulent transactions, as scammers use fake profiles for several fraudulent activities. 

Unfortunately, quite a number of people have become victims to online scammers. 

However, the Nigerian online car selling platforms can be safe only if you seal deals on tested, credible and trustworthy car dealership platforms like Carzout, which is one of the leading marketplace in Nigeria for foreign and local cars. 

Here are some tips on how to use identify and avoid a potential fraudulent deal while trying to buy cars from online platforms. If you notice any fishy behaviour while trying to buy a car online, here is how to avoid scams. 

• Be suspicious of extremely good deals

• Never agree to make advance payment

• Pay close attention to the car's description

• Agree to check out the car in an open and CCTV enabled areas.

• Do NOT disclose unnecessary details about yourself.

• Do NOT agree to buy car(s) from someone who REFUSES to meet face to face.

• Always go with a professional technician or a mechanic to inspect the car before you buy.

• Double check the quality of the car before buying. 

• Only agree to test drive in open areas. 

• Beware of sellers who want to end a transaction as quickly as possible. 

• Call the seller to establish phone contact. 

• Avoid hasty and advance payment.

• Always trust your gut. 

Final Thoughts

Observing these points alone might not be enough to safeguard you from scam threats while buying cars online, that's why you have to always trust your guts and stay very smart and sharp. 

Also, to avoid scams while buying cars online, always make deals on credible websites, one of such is Carzout, as it is credible and trustworthy in connecting buyers with good car sellers with high quality cars.