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How Driving On Low Fuel Can Damage Your Car

Posted: 13th Oct, 2020    By: Fikayo Oyewole


Most drivers think the habit of driving on low fuel is a way of saving money, but on the contrary, it is actually damaging their cars. Driving on low fuel most times is responsible for most of the problem and fault a car develops, while this is very avoidable. 

Given rise to the trend of driving on low fuel, that is even becoming more popular daily, here is how driving on low fuel can damage your car. 

1. Damaged fuel pump

The main purpose of the fuel pump is to pump fuel, this however, is more effective when there is adequate fuel inside. As your fuel level reduces, the fuel pump begins to pump only, and this in the long run will damage your fuel pump and could case further damage to vital parts of your car. Once you start developing issues with your car's fuel pump, you will spend more money to get it fixed. This is however, avoidable of you pay more attention to your car's fuel level and avoid driving with low fuel. 

2. Irregular driving behavior

Driving on low fuel can lead to irregular driving behaviour, this is because the car tends to malfunction more when it is low or out of fuel. This also, can lead to further damage on your car or damage other road users' vehicles.

3. Vandalizing your engine

Did you know that constantly driving on low fuel can damage your engine? While this is not new discovery, many drivers still ignore the damage of driving on low fuel on the car engine. Once the car engine begins to malfunction, almost every other part of the car will also reduce in performance. 

4. Tank sludge

Fuel most times is made up of many contaminants which settles in the bottom of the tank and turns into sludge over time. 

Constantly running low on fuel makes your car very vulnerable to the possibility that the sludge will be sucked up by the fuel pump and be carried to the engine. If that happens you are going to spend quite a lot to maintain the condition of your car engine. This can also That cause your injectors and fuel filter to clog up, poor fuel economy and rough engine operation.

5. Air

A low fuel tank most times also lead to the vehicle pumping air which may also cause issues for your fuel pump and other vital components that require fuel to function.

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