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Posted: 12th Oct, 2020    By: Fikayo Oyewole


Africa joins actively on the world stage as she now provides a focal point for the production of automobiles. The production and assemblage of automobiles and its constituent parts are important hallmarks for an evolving civilization and source of revenue for a modern economy. In these, Africa now assumes a prominent role. The history of the automotive industry in various African countries have evolved over the past hundred years with Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Egypt and South Africa currently on top of the list with significant achievements. Not without its own challenges but at the disposal of these countries are indispensable building blocks for a thriving automotive industry: market and energy. 

Made in Africa vehicles have sky-rocketed Africa’s rapid-urbanization status and added a father to her cap on the subject of business initiative over the years. Africa does not deny having been inspired by outstanding automobiles and model automobile companies but the originality of her ideas are stamped on the uniqueness of her homegrown cars. African can now boast of more job creation avenues and a reimaging of the African face, thanks to her growing automotive industry.

The 40ft-long Kantanka-MO Aeroplane Limousine is one of the top three cars manufactured in Africa, by African-owned automobile companies. It was produced by the Kantanka Group of Companies, Ghana.  Originally designed with the local roads of Ghana in mind, this limousine competes with most preferred luxury cars made by foremost and topmost automobile companies in countries like Korea, China and Japan by all standards. This awe-inspiring aero plane on wheels got ambient lights, Hi-Fi speakers, a large LED TV and various dashboard digital monitors to offer as the least comfort privileges it is designed for.

Models of Innoson vehicles have been plying Nigerian roads for some time but the Innoson IVM Ikenga is beautified and furnished with the capacity high power output. Its fuel consumption is also low- an economical advantage, and the exhaust emissions is low! With the capacity of seven passengers, light weight on motion, 1.8l Engine and Turbo Charger for its manual transmission, IVM Ikenga suffices as a family car with a touch of class.

The Tunisia-based automobile company, Wallyscar produces the extraordinary “Wallys Iris”. Although not a hybrid car, its maximum speed is 154km/h, it is designed with galvanized steel and fiberglass, has a manual transmission and most amazingly, it accelerates from 0 -100 km/h in 11.2 seconds!

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