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Brake Failure: 4 Signs you should never ignore

Posted: 14th Oct, 2020    By: Fikayo Oyewole


Brake failure sometimes can be unpredictable, but there are signs that signals that your car brakes needs to be checked or serviced. Therefore, it is important not to ignore the signs of you having brake failure.

The car brakes are very vital parts of a car that ensures safety, therefore it is important to take the warning signs seriously. 

So, here are four signs you should never ignore about the condition of your car brakes.

1. The brake lights are on

One thing you should never ignore while driving is the brake lights. Whenever the yellow or red brake indicator pops up on your dashboard, it could sign that your car is about to develop an issue. If this regularly pops up, it's advisable that you take the car for inspection as it will help prevent further damage to your car. 

2. Squeaking and grinding noises

Here is another sign you should never ignore, as it signals that you need to check the condition of your brakes. Whenever you are driving and a grinding sound while you are applying your brakes, it could be that either there is gravel stick in the calliper unit or the brake is due for service.

This grinding sound can also be caused by lack of lubrication in cars with rear drum brakes.

If you notice this sign, you need to take your car brakes for servicing as it can cause brake Failure while driving. 

3. Leaking brake fluid

Whenever you experience a car brake fluid leakage within the master cylinder or the braking system in general, it most likely leads or result to a soft brake pedal.

If you notice leaking brake fluid from your car, it's a signal that you need to take it to your mechanic for maintenance, as it can cause brake failure while driving. 

4. Soft brake pedals

Soft brake pedals is another sign that you are vulnerable to brake failure while driving. While driving if you press down the brake pedals and you feel no resistance or it pushes all the way down without any resistance, that is a clear sign you need to get your car to the mechanic, as you're vulnerable to having brake failure while driving. 

Soft brake pedals could be an indication of moisture or air in the braking system or it could sometimes mean there is an issue with the master cylinder of your car.

Final Thoughts:

Just like every other part of your car, the brakes system wears out with time as well, therefore it is crucial that you regularly ensure it is in good condition. 

Finally, if you notice any of these signs it is an indicator that you're vulnerable to brake failure while driving, there it is important that you do not ignore these signs whenever you notice them. 

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