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6 signs you need to change your car battery

Posted: 6th Oct, 2020    By: Fikayo Oyewole


The battery is a vital part of a car, as it is  needed for the engine to start and also important to run all the electrical component of a car. The battery powers the car and as a result is very useful in operating almost all the major features of a car.

Having established the importance and the crucial role a battery plays in the effective functionality of a car, it is therefore important to regularly and properly check the condition of the car battery , so as not to be stranded when it's out of juice.

And because the battery powers a large component in a car, it tends to get weak as it is constantly used.

Here are 6 signs that if you notice in your battery performance, you need to replace it with a new one immediately.

1: Swelling or bloating battery case

One major cause of a bloating battery case is excessive heat, as it can lead to a reduction in the performance and the durability of the battery. When this sign occurs frequently, it then means you should consider the possibility of replacing your battery with a new one.

2: A slow starting engine

A recurring slow start is usually the last spasm of a dying battery, as the composition of the battery will begin to wear out gradually. As a result, the performance of the battery will begin to reduce. Therefore, it's advisable to change or alternatively charge your battery once there is a frequent occurrence of this.

3: Extremely foul smell

Once you can perceive a foul smell emitting from your battery, it is a big signal indicating that its replacement is due. The major cause of this could be as a result of an internal damage to the battery. If the foul smell persists, you need to either get the battery checked or ultimately replace it with preferably a new one.

4: Corroded connectors

Common signs of corroded connectors include a white, ashy substance on the metal parts of the battery. This can make the positive and negative metal connections on the battery to have voltage issues, which can prevent the car from starting properly.

5: Old battery

While most car users treat their battery as if it doesn't have an expiry date, it actually does. As a car battery usually last between 3 to 5 years, depending on the quality of the battery. 

To avoid regularly having issues whenever you start your car, it is advisable for you to change your battery after about 3 to 5 years of using it.

6: Low battery fluid level

Last on this list is a low battery fluid level. This is another important indicator that you need to change your car battery, as the battery fluid is an important component of the battery. 

If you suspect that the fluid level of your car battery is low, then the advise for you is to consider the possibility of changing your car battery ASAP.

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