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5 Top Cars To Use For Uber In Nigeria

Posted: 27th Sep, 2020    By: Fikayo Oyewole


The transportation sector in Nigeria has gone through a lot of changes and upgrades in the past few years. These upgrades and changes are as a result of the rapid increase in major infrastructures and civilization in the country, in the past few decades. 

One of the changes witnessed in the transportation sector in Nigeria was the introduction of private transport services, like Uber, bolt (taxify), Opay, among several others.

Though there are still more changes that will unfold in the next decade. Uber however, stands out as a unique private transport company that connects drivers with passengers, it also allow drivers to use their cars to make money as a Uber certified driver in Nigeria. 

While many drivers struggle with getting the best cars for Uber in Nigeria, here is a drop-down of the 5 best cars to use for Uber in Nigeria.

Toyota Corolla

First on the list is Toyota Corolla, as it is the most preferred car drivers use for Uber in Nigeria. This is no surprise given its reliability and high fuel efficiency. Nigerian Uber drivers prefer Toyota Corolla because of  its favourable resale value. 

The car is also comfortable, as commuters can have a taste of luxury with good air conditioning and good sound system for entertainment. The 1.8 litre 4 cylinder engine allows an average of 30miles per gallon (mpg).

Honda Accord

The Honda Accord also has high fuel efficiency just like the Toyota counterpart. But one major reason why Nigeria Uber drivers prefer Honda Accord, is because of its unique space and leg room. This makes it very comfortable for both the drivers and commuters to have a comfortable experience while they go to their destination.

Toyota Camry

Third on the list is Toyota Camry, as it has its unique features that makes drivers prefer it over other cars. Though the Toyota Camry shares some features with the Corolla, it has is bigger in size that the Corolla and it has high fuel efficiency (though not as the Corolla).

Uber drivers in Nigeria often prefer Toyota Camry because of its size plus it has low maintenance cost.

Honda City

Another good car most drivers use for Uber in Nigeria is the Honda City. One of its unique features is that its comfortable and has an amazing fuel economy.

Kia Rio

Last on the list is Kia Rio. Most Uber drivers in Nigeria go for Kia Rio because it's affordable and yet classic. Though Kia Rio is quite affordable, it offers some features that can compete with top cars, some of these features include, it's good sound system, air conditioning and low maintenance cost.

So if you're considering which car to use for Uber in Nigeria, there you have it our top 5 cars for Uber in Nigeria.

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