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5 Safety Tips To Observe While Driving With Children

Posted: 5th Oct, 2020    By: Fikayo Oyewole


Driving while children are in the car can be fun and stressful some times. It can be stressful because it takes quite a lot of effort to get kids to sit quietly and not cause distractions while driving. 

While many take driving with children like any other road trip, many accidents involving children could have been avoided through simple safety precautions that many drivers still take for granted.

Here are five safety tips every driver should observe while driving with children.

#1: Buckle up. 

While this seems so simple, many drivers still don't properly use the seat belts while driving. It is important that before any road trip the drive should ensure that the kids are properly buckled up.  

#2: Make sure children use the proper car seat and that it’s installed correctly

Findings from a recent study revealed that an overwhelming number 73% of car seats are improperly installed, this however, is a major cause of the misuse of the seat belts in the car. 

After ensuring that your car seats are properly installed, it is then important to make sure that children use the proper car seat while driving.

#3: Don’t text and drive. 

We are all familiar to the allure of the beeps and buzzes of cell phone notifications, but while driving with children resist the temptation of replying your messages, because you need to keep your eyes both on the road and on the kids. A good way of avoiding distractions from your phone while driving is to turn down the volume of your phone or you use wireless devices to catch up with important calls while driving.

#4: Never leave children alone in or around cars. 

Did you know that children die every year from heatstroke in vehicles? Most of which were inadvertently left in the car for a long time. While driving with kids it's important to be vigilant and make sure you know where your child is at all times. 

#5: Take Regular Breaks During Long Trips

Another safety tip to observe while driving with children is to take regular breaks as it could calm the kids down. This is very important especially on long road trips. Also take regular stops for them to urinate, use the rest-room or for them to calm down.

Children get bored easily, as a result you might also want to make sure you have something in your car for entertainment.

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