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5 Low Budget Cars in Nigeria

Posted: 28th Sep, 2020    By: Fikayo Oyewole


Everyone dreams of a new car, however not everyone has enough money to purchase their dream car(s). While getting a car whether used or new in Nigeria can be expensive, here is a breakdown of 5 low budget cars in Nigeria.

#1 Toyata Corolla 

Number one on the list is Toyata Corolla, as it is very affordable and yet still comfortable and classic. 

The Toyota Corolla model can comfortably  accommodate up to 5 people with the driver included. The car has high fuel efficiency as it is still being widely used in Nigeria. The car also has a low maintenance cost. The prices of a Nigerian Used Toyota Corolla model starts from N1.3million.

#2 Honda Accord

Second on the list is Honda Accord, as it is relatively affordable in the Nigerian market. It has special features like high fuel efficiency and good sound system for entertainment. 

 To buy a Honda Accord in Nigeria will cost from the range of 1.2 million Naira  

#3 Toyota Sienna

For those looking for a car big enough to accommodate you and your family and friends the Toyota Sienna is the perfect car that will serve that purpose. 

The price of Toyota Sienna model ranges from N1.5 million

#4 Toyota Camry

Toyata carmy is also on the list the low budget cars in Nigeria. Just like its sister model, Corolla, Camry is another model you would easily find for sale in Nigeria.

Some of it's major features include fuel efficiency, sleek looks, good air conditioning, and good sound system.  As a bonus, this car is driven by people from different classes, so you definitely wouldn’t look odd in your Toyota Camry.

The prices of Nigerian-used Toyota Camry models range from 1 million naira.

#5 Volkswagen Golf 3, Golf 4, Golf 5, Golf 6

Last on the list is the Vokswagen Golf, the unique compactness of these cars makes them kind of cute and attractive. However, do not be so deceived by their sizes to think that they aren’t rugged enough for use on rough roads. They all have remarkable handling and great fuel efficiency. Furthermore, you will still find a lot of neatly used Golf cars for sale in Nigeria.

To buy a Volkswagen Golf the price ranges  from N1 million while those of Nigerian-used Golf 5 and Golf 6 could be around N900k.

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