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4 Ways to Make Your Brakes Last Longer

Posted: 14th Oct, 2020    By: Fikayo Oyewole


Everyone knows that brakes are indispensable and crucial parts of a car, especially when it comes to car safety, performance and functionality. Bad brakes are a guarantee for disaster. Despite the Importance of having very functioning brakes, many drivers still don’t realize the impact of their driving habits on how long their brakes will last and perform. Here are here 4 ways to make your brakes last longer. 

1  Avoid unnecessary speeding:

Over speeding is one common driving habit among most drivers, while this can be justified sometimes, it can put pressure on your brakes and reduce it's effectiveness and performance. When you suddenly brake while you are speeding or over speeding, it exerts ruthless pressure on the brake pads, as a result causing considerable wear and tear of the brakes.

2. Practice Coasting:

Practicing coasting is another way of maintaining the good performance and condition of your brakes. While driving coasting is a technique where you take your foot off the gas pedal and let the vehicle slow down by itself before applying the brakes. Though this isn’t appropriate for every situation on the road while driving, but it tends to work well when you’re about to turn or if you see a stop sign or traffic slow-down ahead, this way the pressure on your brakes will reduce. Coasting is even more effective when you don't constantly Over-speeed. 

3. Flush the Brake Fluids:

How you maintain the condition of your car brakes also determine how they will perform. Flushing the brake fluids is an easy way of maintaining the good condition of your car brakes. 

Always renew your car brake fluids as often as you can, especially if the vehicle is old. When you flush the old brake fluids from time to time, you keep the brakes and all their vital components in good condition, and therefore makes your car brakes last longer. 

4. Get your brakes regularly serviced:

Finally, to make your car brakes last longer, ensure you service it regularly.

Ensuring regular ‘check-ups’ on your brakes will let you constantly be aware of the condition of your car brakes, and get them small faults fixed before they develop major faults or cause damage to your car. 

This also ensures the durability of the brakes, and reduce maintenance cost on the car brakes. 

So, there you have it, 4 Ways to make your car brakes last longer. While these steps are very practical and not difficult practicing them will save you a lot of money on maintenance and help you avoid any major damage on your car. 

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