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4 Signs that you need to replace your tyre

Posted: 1st Oct, 2020    By: Fikayo Oyewole


While it is very easy to forget to regularly check the condition of your tyre, as there are several overwhelming tasks demanding for your attention. It is very important to regularly check the condition of your tyre as it can prevent several damages to your car. 

Here are Four indicators that you need to change your Tyre. 

#1: Weathering

Since rubber is a natural material and will breakdown over time, you need to be aware of the potential signs of weathering. As common indicators are often cracks by the sidewall and in between the trend blocks. Once you start seeing signs of cracks on your tyre, it is a sign that you need to replace it immediately so as to prevent any damage or accident while driving. 

#2: Bulging:

Another indicator that signals the need for you to change your Tyre is when it starts to bulge. This most times occur in a tyre when it has regular contact with potholes or curb. 

A bulge is caused when air gets in between the inner and outer material layers of the tyre. 

Bulging is a strong indicator that you need to replace your tyre as it can make you vulnerable to accident while driving. 

#3: Vibration:

Vibration is another indicator that you need to change your tyre. While most car users don't pay attention to the frequency of vibration in the tyre, it makes make vulnerable to getting their car damaged while driving. As if there is high frequency in the vibration of the tyre it signals for it needs to be replaced. 

#4: Old

Nothing last forever, same with your tyre. While many car users in Nigeria don't know that tyres come with expiring dates. Most tyre manufacturers strongly recommend that tyres should be changed every 5 to 6 years of purchasing new tyres. 

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