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10 Things To Have In Your Car For Emergencies

Posted: 4th Oct, 2020    By: Fikayo Oyewole


Emergencies are unpredictable, they can happen anywhere and anytime while driving. Regardless where or when an emergency happens while traveling, you can always be prepared by ensuring you have basic emergency kits in your car. 

Whether you're going for a short drive or you're going on a long road trip, here are basic 10 safety kits you should always have in your car.

1: Reflective Triangles or/and Flares 

Reflective Triangles or flares are important because it offer enhanced visibility for ongoing traffic, as it reduce the possibility of being hit by unsuspecting drivers while parked along the road. 

#2: Flash Light

Having a flash light in your car is very important, as it is most useful at night to see clearly and stay aware of the environment. If your flash light requires batteries, it is important to always have extra batteries in your car as well. 

#3: Spare Tyre: 

No matter where you're going, having a spare tyre in your car is not just important but necessary. Regularly checking the condition of your tyre is important as well. Always ensure the pressure on all the tyres including the spare tyre is it's maximum stability and quality. 

#4: Jumper Cables 

The importance of having jumper cables can not be over emphasized as battery performance is unpredictable. Having jumper cables will save you a lot of stress as it can jump start your car battery by attaching the cables to positive and negative battery terminals of another car. 

#5: Fire Extinguisher

Another safely object you must have in your car is a fire extinguisher as accidents are unpredictable, they can happen anytime and anywhere. As a result, it is necessary to have a fire extinguisher in your car so you can reduce or prevent damages to your car. 

#6: First Aid Kit

While many may think having a first aid kit in their car is unnecessary, a first aid kit however, is an important safety kits you should have in your car, as it helps in treating injuries sustained maybe in an accident. 

#7: Jack

This is an important tool you should have in your car, as it is used to change car tyres. 

#8: Wheel Spanner

Wheel spanner is another Important tool you must have in your car, as it is used along with the jack to unscrew wheel nuts and tighten them whenever the need arises.

#9: Cleaning Supplies

It is also important to have some cleaning supplies in your car as it can be useful in cleaning your hands or car after fixing it in the middle of the road. 

#10: Water

Last on the list of things you should have in your car for emergencies is water. This can be useful in many ways. It can serve the purpose of reducing or preventing overheating radiators. It can also be used to wash your hands or drink when thirsty in the middle of a road trip. 

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