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10 Smart Ways to Negotiate with Car Dealers

Posted: 29th Sep, 2020    By: Adulf Juan


Buying a new used car is can be a fantastic experience and can also be stressful and annoying on the other hand. Sometimes, it feels like the car dealer or salesperson already knew everything about you before you even discuss the price. The satisfaction you get from landing a good deal on your new car is dependent on the negotiation process. Now here comes the big question, what are the smartest ways to negotiate with car dealers?

Below are 10 smart ways to negotiate with car dealers, to help you get the best price on your next car shopping. We hope you enjoy the read time.

Do your research well about your preferred car

There are many websites now, you can review information about your chosen car before proceeding to the showroom; in fact, it is supposed to be last in your list of action. However, the most important thing is that you don’t go to car shopping unprepared. Information is power, and if you don’t plan head-on, the salesperson will help you do that; and it wouldn’t be to your benefit. Here are some vital things to research on, car model, average cost, and resale value.

Go with someone

Having a second person with you; it will give you better leverage to think about your options. You are more likely to make a better choice when you can discuss your specifications with someone else. The second might help with comparing the figures while you do the rest of the brain work.

Let the Car Dealer know you know your car choice.

This is supposed to be the first thing direct communication you should have with the car dealer. You might not give an explicit statement on what you know about your car choice, but at least let them know you’ve done some research work. It will help you save the stress of negotiating from a high price.

Never focus on the payment

The buyer and salesperson speak two different languages. “Car” and “Payment,” so as much as possible, the salesperson will try to push more on the payment. They will always try to make it feel like you’ve got the best options with them. Focus more on the specifications, warranty duration, and maintenance cost first; the total price comes last, and finally, you can include add-ons if you wish.

Price Negotiation

The dealer has a specific profit margin, so as much as you want to beat the price down; be fair. Make sure you price within the manufacturer window sticker and the dealer's cost. Before going to the showroom, it is also good to research the best deal for your preferred car.

Be in charge

Don’t let the salesperson ride you. In all, you are the one paying, and you need to decide on the best choice for yourself without coercion. Sometimes, the dealers might want to lead you on, with words like “You might also like this,” it’s their strategy to lure you to their preferred car. It could also mean they think it fits your budget more or even a car they want to get rid of.

Don’t shop on weekends

It is best to shop for your car during weekdays because most people prefer to buy cars on weekends, thus making it a little busier and harder, for car dealers to concentrate and give you the premium customer service. So the best time to get a better deal on your next car is on weekdays; at least the dealer will have enough time to discuss extensively with you without interruption.

Don’t jump at first sight

If you want to get a better deal, don’t jump into conclusion at the first deal. Shop around before resolving at something. Get quotes from several car dealers and compare the options you have; before deciding. It is even smarter to let the car dealers know you have been comparing offers, to at least get a better stand on your bid.

Don’t reveal your budget

You stand a better chance when the car dealer has little or no idea about your capability. When asked, tell them you haven’t decided on a price range, but you will when you get an agreement on the price. 

Don’t afraid or too ashamed to walk.

Your greatest mistake could be buying from the first dealership. If you think the pricing isn’t working for you, opt to leave; maybe you will be called back for renegotiation. 


Finally, don’t misunderstand consistency with being unreasonable. It is alright to lead your game and be a bit tough, but on the bright side, be rational. Car dealers also bought the vehicles, and as much as you want to save some money, they also need to pay for the shop rent, advertisement, taxes, and profit. Hence, it is essential to put some of these things into consideration while negotiating for a car.