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10 Car Theft Prevention Tips

Posted: 7th Oct, 2020    By: Fikayo Oyewole


In the past decades the rate of car theft has deceased rapidly, as many car users are often not aware of ways to prevent their car from car theft. What causes most car theft is often as a result of negligence of common cautionary safety measures.

While car theft is unpredictable, it is avoidable and here are 10 car theft prevention tips

1: Always lock your doors

Though this seems to be a common and easy tip, it is very important, as a very huge percentage of car thefts have taken place because the car door was left unlocked. Therefore, developing the habit of always checking if the car doors are locked will prevent most car thefts.

2: Avoid leaving your keys in the car

One other cause of car theft is when you leave your keys in the car. Leaving your keys in the car makes you more vulnerable to car theft, because if a thief spots your key in the car, the thief can easily break in and drive off.

3: Close the windows

Keeping your windows completely closed will not let a thief gain easy access into your car, as an opened window gives a thief easy access to steal or drive off with your car.

4: Always remember to park in well-lit areas

To become less vulnerable to car theft, you should avoid parking in areas that are poorly lit or places that are obscure and far from people. You can park your car in areas with CCTV cameras, if possible, and well trafficked, as thieves most times target less populated areas.

5: Do not leave a spare key near your car:

Another mistake most people make is to leave a spare key near their car or carelessly leave it somewhere visible. Not leaving your spare key around your car makes you less vulnerable to car theft. 

6: Install Alarm System or Anti Theft Devices

Installing a very audible alarm system or Anti theft devices is also an effective way of preventing car theft. Most thieves often avoid cars with installed alarm system, as the noise of the alarm system will automatically chase off a potential thief.

7: Install A Vehicle Immobilizer System

To get this done you will need a mechanic or technician who is very familiar with the vehicle's wiring and computer systems. It is important to install a vehicle immobilizer because it has the feature of disabling the car so that a thief can not make off with it. 

8: Install A Tracking System

Installing a tracking system is a very effective way of avoiding car theft and most importantly it is also effective in recovering stolen cars, as it may help the law enforcement agencies to recover a stolen vehicle.

9: Avoid leaving valuables in your car.

While car theft can be unpredictable, it is best to avoid it by not leaving valuables in your car, as this might even attract a thief to target and break into your car. 

10: Be Alert

All the tips shared in preventing car theft are effective, but what makes it very effective is for you are on alert everytime and everywhere. Always be aware of your surroundings and try to identify and report a potential thief aroun you before s/he breaks into your car or someone else's car.

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